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Kamika is a black woman with long black hair smiles at the camera
Kamika Sylvester
Meagan is a white woman with dark shoulder length hair.
Meagan Snyder
Michelle is a black woman with short twisted hair. She's wearing black and white zebra print blouse with pearl jewelry.
Michelle Knight
Trista is an Indigenous woman with dark hair in a bun, wearing glasses, and large hoop earrings.
Trista Hill
Anna is a white woman with long blonde hair. Her hands are tucked into her red jacket while she sits in a wicker chair.
Anna Wall
A black woman with long curly black hair and glasses smiles at the camera
Cheyenne Scarlett
Char Lee
Nicole is a white woman with long brown hair who is wearing a pink sweater over a white shirt. She is standing in front of a lake at sunset with sunglasses on her head.
Nicole McQuiggan
Christina is an Indigenous woman with long brown hair. She has a bright smile and is wearing large earrings.
Christina Regli-Shawongonabe
Annette is a white  bespectacled woman with short hair. She is smiling at the camera in a black shirt.
Annette Martin
Suzan is a woman wearing a white Hijab, her hands are folded under her chin and there are glasses on top of her head. There are pink flowers behind her.
Suzan Koujan
Olivia is a white woman with light brown hair, she is wearing a grey shirt and is wearing a necklace. You can see sidewalk behind her.
Olivia Scobie
Heather is a white woman with long brown hair, she has rectangular black glasses.
Heather Majaury
Isomi Henry
Fadhilah is an Ethiopian woman smiling at the camera. Her hand is on her cheek. She is wearing a royal blue khimar
Fadhilah Balogun
Leanne is a white woman with brown hair. She is wearing a black shirt and jeans while sitting in a wheelchair in front of a brick wall.
Leanne Charette