Call to Action

Self Reflection and Education

Actively acknowledge and evaluate our own biases and knowledge gaps. Actively engaging in on-going learning in anti-oppression, anti-racism, anti-ableism and trauma informed frameworks. Spending time listening and learning from various knowledge keepers in the community. We are not the experts of all experiences.

Supporting Local Communities

We acknowledge our privilege in society and in the community that is Waterloo Region and know that we are not the best option or what feels most safe in some care situations. Through connecting with local communities, we can uplift existing programs and services by providing free or discounted perinatal mental health training. We can also support local communities by providing funds to community partners so that they can provide needed services. 

Assessing the Lack of Care and Barriers to Services

There are so many gaps in perinatal mental health care in Waterloo Region. We commit to continuing to see where there are barriers to care, and where care is not being provided. We use Climb funds to support where we can and create partnerships so that we can remove barriers to Perinatal Mental Health services. We are committed to providing free support groups and building relationships to offer PWYC therapy.

Advocating for support with Minister Carolyn Bennet and MP Tim Louis. Photo by Andy Wright