Community Partners

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We engage with Community Partners who increase our knowledge base so that we can better serve the Waterloo Region. Below is a list of our partners and facilitators.

Doula Partners

Grace Van Bruwaene : Doula Girl : Grace Van Bruwaene(she/her) is a birth, postpartum and parenting doula serving the Waterloo Region. A practicing doula since 2010, Grace specializes in supporting people moving though their reproductive journey after trauma. She strongly believes that support can make all the difference, helping individuals to have a positive and empowered experience however their story unfolds. She has both training and experience in supporting LGBTQ+ and disabled parents as well as those experiencing PMADs, intimate partner or domestic violence, and/or parenting after trauma.

In building community with Grace, Together can offer resources and insight into your pregnancy and postpartum journey from the perspective of a doula who has provided support during birth, pregnancy loss and beyond. We are thrilled to have Grace in our community of support and connection and someone we can call on when needed by those who reach out to us. For more information about Grace and the services they provide, visit their website: DOULA GIRL

Peer Support Co-facilitators

Anneke Van Den Berg : Peer Support Facilitator

Rebecca Johnston : Firefly Counselling: Peer Support Facilitator

Rochelle Kaikai : Rooted Thistle Counselling : Peer Support Facilitator

Rachel Brnjas : Tapestry Counselling and Consulting : Peer Support Facilitator